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Donut Trailer For Sale - $42,000 (Listing Removed)

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 Used Green Donut Trailer for Sale


- 14ft long by 8.5ft high Food Trailer

- 6 feet hood

- Stainless Cooking wall with diamond plated floor

- Stainless steel Door merchandiser cooler with 3 shelf’s 

- Stainless tables and shelving units

- Serving window

- Gas line, hoses

- Propane tanks

- Air Conditioner

- Interior Multiple outlets

- Exterior lighting

- Sprayer hose on 3 compartment sink

- Fresh and grey water tanks

- Water pump

- Hot water heater

- 3 compartment sink

- Automatic 14 foot long, 8 foot wide awning- black

- Verticle TV space for menu

- Extended tongue

- External outlet

- 12 KM propane Generator + extra tank

- Gas fired SS2400 Donut Machine w/ hopper

- Excellent Condition

Side of Green Donut Trailer Back of Green Donut Trailer for SaleThree Compartment SinkInside View of Green Trailer for Sale

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