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The CheeseSteak Truck | Cheesesteak Food Truck Tampa

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"Cheesesteaks and other Philadelphia delights"


Sample Menu


Signature Cheesesteak - topped with our blend of Cheddar fondue or choose Provolone or American

‘wit or witout’ onions?

Pizza Steak - prepared with Marinara topped with melted provolone

Chicken Philly - prepared just like steak (see above)

Buffalo Philly - steak or chicken with wing sauce topped with your choice of cheese

Steak-Chicken Combo - when you just can’t make up your mind

The Bubba - Back 9 Dip with steak or chicken topped with your choice of cheese

Add any topping to your sandwich

- Green peppers

- Mushrooms

- Banana Peppers

- Jalepenos


Cheesesteak Fries - our fries piled high with steak and cheese and your choice of toppings


Beverages - Soda or bottled water

Make any sandwich a combo - includes sandwich, fries and drink

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