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Food Trucks provide a unique fresh out of the kitchen catering experience for your guests. 

We love throwing parties or just being a part of lunch and dinner. Catering with food trucks is all the rage, and rightfully so, how else can you get so many experts in cuisine to cater your event? Food is fresh off the trucks! 

Tampa Catering

Have no power or water on site? No problem! Food Trucks are self sufficient and don't require any power or water sources. Even our mobile DJ Truck is self sufficient!



Catering weddings is always fun, we offer several service styles that can accommodate different service times and budgets. We can provide everything from chaffing dishes to butlers to pass appetizers around. We develop custom menus to cater your event that will work best for you and the experience you'd like your guests to have. Need more then just a catering company? We can provide other services such as bar service, music, entertainment, lighting, chairs, tables, and even a wedding arch. 

Corporate Events

Catering Corporate events can be challenging, getting employees in and out and back to work in a timely manner is important. Selecting the right menu items and the right trucks is why we are known as a top corporate caterer to rely on in Tampa Bay. Our record for speed and volume catering in Tampa was for the YMCA Nationals in 2014, we fed over 4,500 people in 90 minutes. It was a blast, the trucks and families attending enjoyed our food truck fare and walked back into the stadium satisfied and ready to tumble some more. We can provide food truck service for employee appreciations, customer appreciations, holiday parties, meetings, and more. 

Let Tampa Bay Food Trucks cater your next event in the Tampa Bay Area, you won't regret it! Call us at 813-802-9119 to book your next event. 

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