St. Petersburg Food Trucks



Food trucks are a common sight in Tampa but less prevalent in St. Pete. The city is slowly relaxing their restrictions making them freer to roam. Khris and his team are allowing us to place trucks at the Green Bench Brewery, located on Baum Avenue, in order to feed the nighttime crowd, but we are looking to expand throughout the rest of the metropolitan area and get involved in more events. The locals are in favor of more trucks in their beach community. Not only will they attract tourists, but also entreprenueral opportunities for brick-and-mortar businesses to create their own mobile kitchens. A hot day on the beach calls for ice cream and cold treats from trucks such as Smoothin' and Shaken', Gone Bananas, Whatever Pops, and Lizziecakes. It is our mission to create a buzz in the city and make it the next great food truck destination!

Some resident Pinellas trucks are Maggie on the Move, Jimmy Meatballs, The CheeseSteak Truck, Killer Samich, and Dochos Concession. 

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