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Americanwiener Food Truck                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 11/21/2014
Contact: Amy Laffey
Cell: 813.720.7692
Email: eatmorewieners@earthlink.net
Website: http://www.americanwienertruck.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Americanwiener

Americanwiener’s Culinary Master Surpassing Thousands in Auditions

The week seemed normal as any, until an email arrived the eve of Thursday, November 13th.  Chef Ben Laffey opened the email that could change his life forever, and in some respects, it already has.  Chef Ben was cordially invited to attend the auditions for Food Network’s Season 11 Culinary Reality Series…Saturday November 15th.  With full support of his wife Amy Laffey and family, Ben dropped everything to prepare for the audition and journey to Miami to be amongst the Country’s top culinary artists.  Armed with his bio, headshots and a glimmer of hope that he just might be on his way to his biggest dream, Chef Ben took the plunge and gave it all he had.

One might think the grand TV network would provide access to a kitchen for the Chefs to prepare their magic.  Rather, the Chefs were tasked with bringing their signature dishes to the first audition for presentation, recipe and personality assessments.  With nothing more than a hotel microwave, favorite knife and a lot of creativity, Chef Ben pulled off the unthinkable.  Not only did he get a callback for a second audition on Sunday November 16th, he made it through that round with flying colors too! 

On Tuesday November 18th, Chef Ben submitted an astounding array of five signature dishes and pictures to Food Network for the third round of auditions.  He is eagerly on stand-by for whether or not he will make it to the next round.  Being a Food Network star would not only change Chef Ben’s life, but his family’s as well, and they are all on board.  The family is grounded in their passion for food, bringing people together through home-cooked, American meals with a twist.  Should Chef Ben be granted this dream, his wife Amy is armed and ready to man the Americanwiener Food Truck with her staff so the family can continue to serve the community with what they do best.

It’s amazing to learn of the hidden gems we have scattered throughout our communities.  Passionate in their goals, Chef Ben and Amy Laffey have amazing talents that have propelled their success as entrepreneurs.  They joined the Food Truck industry to do what they love, but also with a mission in advancing the Food Truck revolution for upholding better standards not only for those served, but for the dedicated Food Truckers as well.

Americanwiener Food Truck is a subsidiary of Laffey Food Services Corporation.  Owned by Amy and Ben Laffey, the Florida company is based out of Wesley Chapel in Pasco County and was established in 2013.  Americanwiener’s mission is to provide fresh, fast and budget-friendly gourmet style wieners and sides to the greater Tampa Bay area.  The Laffeys joined the food truck revolution to live their passion for the culinary arts with a unique flair, while sharing great flavors with people!
Backed by culinary master Chef Ben Laffey who puts flair into every day dishes, Americanwiener Food Truck is proudly serving American classics with a twist to the Tampa Bay area.

For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Amy Laffey at 813.720.7692 or via email at eatmorewieners@earthlink.net.