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Tampa Bay Food Trucks

Florida Food Truck Builders

They offer Food Truck Fabrication and Refurbishment Services to the Tampa Bay Area and beyond

Due to an overwhelming demand in the food truck industry for quality modification and truck/trailer building their team offers full modification and fabrication services. They modify your truck or trailer to your liking to make your food truck dreams a reality. With extensive knowledge in the food truck industry they know exactly what your needs are for your truck/trailer no matter what cuisine your truck specializes in. Whether you need a full build out, refurbishment of the interior of the truck, or need a custom generator compartment.

Their process differs in that they are a time and material shop, they want to do things properly not just as fast as possible. Our food truck technicians work day in and day out to help you achieve your dream truck/trailer. They believe in doing it once and doing it right.  

Full Build Out In Progress - Food Truck Fabrication

Check out their customized generator compartment and storage space! The benefit of a custom built generator compartment is that you can avoid cumbersome lifting, peace of mind in safely securing your generator from theft and storage ensures that your generator is weather safe within the trailer or truck, and the cabinet makes it super easy to handle. When using, you can pull out the generator on the frame, and turn it on. 

Food Truck Generator Cabinet/Box

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Not quite to the point of getting your business mobile yet but considering starting a food truck business? You should attend our Food Truck Seminar. Our seminars covers everything from how to get your truck insured, how effectively market your food truck, learning about local trusted vendors, and more. Our Food Truck Seminars occur every 8 weeks in person and are offered online at any time.

Some services that they offer include:

  • Used Food Truck Manufacturing 

  • Used Food Truck Full Build-Outs

  • Start-Up Truck Full Builds

  • Existing Food Truck Repairs

  • Food Truck Electrical

  • Food Truck Plumbing

  • Custom Generator Compartmentalization 

  • Wrap Preparation (paint work to prepare, wheels, unwrappable surfaces and fixtures)

  • And MORE

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