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Food Truck Concept Developement Part II

by 10. March 2016 06:57
Wondering how Mac Shack came to be? Mac Shack became one of the many food trucks of our fleet, but not before we helped modify their truck! You can find Mac Shack at the Lakeland Food Truck Rally as one of the many regular trucks. [More]

Food Truck Concept Developement Part I

by 7. March 2016 10:47
Just the Goods was a food truck based out of Lakeland, but it was in need of quite a bit of help aesthetically and the owner, Beth Stokes, didn't want it to be good, she wanted it to be great! That's where our team came in, and pitched the idea of rebranding. [More]



Top Food Trucks to start or rebrand your existing truck to in 2016:

by 29. February 2016 10:17
Considering opening a food truck soon? We have revisited our list from the previous year on what food truck concepts we think would fare well in 2016. Check out our list, and do some research as well if you are reading this blog after the 2016 year. [More]

Spotlight On: Nico's Arepas Grill

by 21. January 2016 20:05
Nico's Arepas Grill is the food truck that came about due to Adrian Castillo, one of our resident food truck operators. If you are craving arepas, call Tampa Bay Food Trucks to book Nico's Arepas Grill! [More]

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part V

by 14. January 2016 05:47
Utilizing social media for food trucks is very important. Read our latest blog to discover how you can best utilize these tools! [More]

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part IV

by 6. January 2016 06:23
Want to add an event to your Facebook page but don't know how to do that? We take you through the steps of adding events to your Facebook page. We also show you how to "invite" other pages to your event if you are creating your own. [More]