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Starting a Food Truck Business

by 23. June 2015 12:14

Looking to start a food truck business? Many people look to start a business don't get the necessary help they need because it simply doesn’t exist for some industries. Fortunately it does for the food truck industry, we've been doing this for a while and we have helped dozens of people get into business and others evaluate if they should move forward with their concept. If you are on the fence or have purchased a truck and need a little guidance we can help. Check out our seminar!


Why A Food Truck Seminar?

by 4. February 2015 08:32

Earlier this month, in the blog post Food Truck Startup we mentioned the Food Truck Startup Seminar and what anyone considering their own truck should take into consideration. This week, we talked to Michael Blasco, The CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally for a little more insight into the seminar: 

1) What was the inspiration behind starting the seminars? 

Those looking to start a truck had no place to go for information on starting a truck, and everyone seemed to have questions. They needed help.

2) What is the intended audience for the seminar? 

The seminar is for anyone considering starting a food truck.Michael Blasco

3) What does a typical agenda for the seminar consist of? What can an attendee expect? 

There are many facets to the business, but we break it down into four sections: 1) Overview of a Food Truck Business 2) Branding your Business 3) Insurance 4) Marketing and Operations of your Business.

4) Should an attendee bring anything with them? 

They just need to bring themselves- we will even provide them with a pen and an agenda to take notes on. They also need to come unfed so they can enjoy the fare of a local food truck for our dinner break at 7.

5) What (if anything) should they expect to leave with? They will leave with way more information about the food truck industry than they came with.

6) How often are the seminars held annually? Every six weeks on Sunday nights from 5-9 pm.


Also, if you are not in the Tampa area, do not be discouraged! The seminar will be streamed online so you can attend remotely in addition to those who will be attending in person and have the exact same experience (well, except for the food truck fare at the dinner break of course). So, if you are interested in attending, be sure to register today!

Food Truck Start Up

by 16. January 2015 07:01

Has the thought of starting your own food truck ever crossed your mind? Do you love to cook for others but don’t want the hassles and stress of trying to open a restaurant? Getting a food truck up and running isn’t easy but can be the less stressful cousin to opening your own restaurant. The Tampa Bay Food Trucks has seminars to help answer any questions potential food truckers may have and offer guidance and expertise in this booming industry. The focus of the seminars is to inform and educate you about what it takes to start and run a food truck, what regulations typically exist, and how to position yourself for success once you're up and running. 

Food Truck Startup
The next seminar will take place on February 22nd, 2015 and will run from 5 - 9 p.m. If this date has already passed, call us at (813) 802-9119. to inquire when the next food truck seminar date is. Our seminar will also be streamed online so anyone, regardless of location, can attend. Attendants will need to Register Online. Anyone with questions can contact via email or call (813) 802-9119.

For those who will be attending the seminar, or even those whose schedule may not afford them the opportunity to attend, here is an appetizer of Food Truck 101. If you are considering this business at all, you probably have an idea of the type(s) of cuisine you would like to sell. However, even before you begin to consider your menu, you will want to consider how you are going to sell your culinary delights. There are six main points that everyone contemplating a food truck business should consider:


1)    You need to consider your available startup money, your money budget and the potential for returns

2)    You need to consider your commitment to the business: full time operation, part time, special occasions etc.

3)    Your creative ideas and what it will take to fulfill them (i.e. time, money, logistics etc.)

4)    Your experience (if any) at running a business

5)    The size of the business you want to start (i.e. a food trailer, a food truck etc.)

6)    Your ideal demographic

Whether you are attending the seminar this February, one in the future, or are even considering jumping straight in feet first, grabbing a notebook and thoughtfully jotting down the answers to the above questions can only serve to help ensure that your food truck journey gets started in the right direction! Rest aasured that Tampa Bay Food Trucks is here to help and answer all of your questions to help you get started.