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Tampa Bay Food Trucks Blog

Celebrate Valentines Day with Food Trucks

by 31. January 2019 05:20
Thinking of how to celebrate Valentine's this year in an extra special way? Think food trucks! There are so many reasons to visit a food truck versus a restaurant on this special day for a number of reasons. 1. Food Trucks offer a unique alternative to a restaurant. 2. The eats are cheap, convenient, and varied. 3. There's food for everyone! Check out our three reasons to patronize a food truck further in this February themed blog! [More]

Want to attend a Food Truck Event?

by 15. March 2017 06:24
Wondering what a food truck rally is? And what to expect? Click here to find out 10 of the most commonly asked questions about our food truck rally! We go over everything from admission (here's a hint it's free) to where you can park. [More]

What is it like to attend a food truck rally?

by 18. June 2015 06:21
Wondering what it's like to attend a food truck rally because you've never done that before? We're here to help! We help you know what to expect, and give you the run down on how it all works. Make sure to grab your family and friends for your first visit - it'll be a memory to remember! [More]