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How To Organize A Food Truck Event

by 21. April 2016 10:46

How To Organize A Food Truck Event

Organizing a food truck rally is no easy feat! Between chasing down a food truck (or a dozen trucks!) to attend your event, ensuring they are properly licensed and insured, hoping they will show up on the day of, and that they have the capabilities to serve the number of people you have in the time allotted, it’s a task with many moving parts. How well versed are we in these difficulties? We’ve encountered new ones every time we’ve done an event! With several years of experience in hosting food truck caterings and events in Tampa Bay, we have handled just about every eventuality that may occur during your event - which means we also have a big head start on developing a work-around solution!

How to organize a food truck rallyPart of our process begins with vetting the food trucks themselves. When you look to hire a food truck it can be a shot in the dark. Are they going to meet your expectations and be reliable? Is their food quality consistent? Can they deliver a great customer experience? Are they able to turn tickets quickly enough? We can recommend the appropriate number of trucks to fit your needs, and who will deliver the services you require. The trucks we work with have been determined to be reliable partners through experience, and know our standards and procedures. We can also help to ensure the trucks have the information they need prior to arriving, in order to be well prepared for your event. This does not mean that every truck we work with is infallible, but our history with the trucks, our knowledge of their strengths and weakness, and the vetting process ensures a much higher rate of success.

If you’re looking to have a fun and seamless experience, look to us to handle the hiring of food trucks at your next event. Contact us today at 813-802-9119 or fill out our booking form here, and a local expert will contact you shortly to discuss your event in more detail.

Food Truck Business Training

by 11. July 2015 11:02

You’ve seen it on TV and quite possibly you’ve eaten from one and thought, I could own and operate a food truck! The idea has been bouncing around in your head for weeks if not months and sure, it can be a bit frightening because there is so much to know about building and running a food truck business.  What if there was something available to guide you from point a to z on building and marketing your food truck business? What if you had someone, who is an expert with knowledge in the industry of food trucks that can answer all of your questions and tell you what your best options are for success?

Food Truck Seminar 2019Simply put, there is no one person; you have a team of people from Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally to help you. Our business is solely focused on food trucks and we’ve taken our knowledge from the field and have packed it into a four hour seminar of what works best. From helping you refine your business' concept to serving your first meal and everything in between.  We have helped several food truck operators start successful careers in the food truck industry. So please join us for our up coming seminar on July 12, 2015. We look forward to seeing you in person or online! 

Be sure to register today!

Having Trouble Starting a Food Truck?

by 4. July 2015 05:02

So, you have decided you want to start a food truck. Awesome! But now what? Just like a traditional brick- and–mortar business, research and planning is essential for success. Being a food truck owner is just like being the owner of any other business- it won’t succeed by simply knowing how to cook and finding a truck to buy.  You have to understand the needs of your neighborhood, understand how to choose the right food truck, the importance of marketing your food truck business, and so much more.

Food Truck Seminar 2019What if it was possible to get information on the needs of the local market, details on selecting the right truck for your specific needs and budget, the best connections for sorting the insurance needs you will have for your new truck, a plan for successfully marketing your individual truck in order to reach your optimal audience, and so much more…all in one place? Our Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally Starting a food truck seminar does just that…and more! 

The Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally seminars are designed to inspire, inform, and educate potential entrepreneurs in regards to what it takes to not only start, but also run and maintain a successful food truck. Understanding the importance of the choices you make along your journey to entrepreneurship, what regulations typically exist in the industry, and the importance of the way you position yourself and your business for success before you even have your first customer.

You can register online for our summer seminar in order to secure a spot. The seminar is streamed online so that anyone who is interested can attend from anywhere in the world, and will have the opportunity to interact just as if they were in the room (unfortunately though, online participants will not be able to take part in the dinner that is included for in-person attendees).  “However all online attendees will have the same opportunity to ask questions and have them answered as the in person attendees.

Regardless, if you just started thinking about food truck ownership yesterday, or have started taking the first few steps, this seminar is for you. Be sure to register today! If you have any questions, you can contact or call (813) 802-9119.

Starting a Food Truck Business

by 23. June 2015 12:14

Looking to start a food truck business? Many people look to start a business don't get the necessary help they need because it simply doesn’t exist for some industries. Fortunately it does for the food truck industry, we've been doing this for a while and we have helped dozens of people get into business and others evaluate if they should move forward with their concept. If you are on the fence or have purchased a truck and need a little guidance we can help. Check out our seminar!


Why A Food Truck Seminar?

by 4. February 2015 08:32

Earlier this month, in the blog post Food Truck Startup we mentioned the Food Truck Startup Seminar and what anyone considering their own truck should take into consideration. This week, we talked to Michael Blasco, The CEO (Chief Eating Officer) of Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally for a little more insight into the seminar: 

1) What was the inspiration behind starting the seminars? 

Those looking to start a truck had no place to go for information on starting a truck, and everyone seemed to have questions. They needed help.

2) What is the intended audience for the seminar? 

The seminar is for anyone considering starting a food truck.Michael Blasco

3) What does a typical agenda for the seminar consist of? What can an attendee expect? 

There are many facets to the business, but we break it down into four sections: 1) Overview of a Food Truck Business 2) Branding your Business 3) Insurance 4) Marketing and Operations of your Business.

4) Should an attendee bring anything with them? 

They just need to bring themselves- we will even provide them with a pen and an agenda to take notes on. They also need to come unfed so they can enjoy the fare of a local food truck for our dinner break at 7.

5) What (if anything) should they expect to leave with? They will leave with way more information about the food truck industry than they came with.

6) How often are the seminars held annually? Every six weeks on Sunday nights from 5-9 pm.


Also, if you are not in the Tampa area, do not be discouraged! The seminar will be streamed online so you can attend remotely in addition to those who will be attending in person and have the exact same experience (well, except for the food truck fare at the dinner break of course). So, if you are interested in attending, be sure to register today!