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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Planning a Food Truck Wedding

by 17. August 2018 08:32
Does planning your wedding have your head spinning? Does a food truck wedding grab your attention, but you’re not sure where to start? Planning your wedding can be overwhelming, but food doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself (and your spouse to be!) to determine if a food truck wedding is right for you! [More]

7 Essential Food Truck Treats To Add to your Dessert Bar

by 8. August 2018 08:26
Looking to wow your guests at your upcoming party or event? Look no further. We've compiled some of the Tampa Bay Area's best dessert food truck desserts for you to sink your teeth into. Here's 7 must-have essential desserts from food trucks you need to add to your dessert bar. [More]

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part V

by 14. January 2016 05:47
Instagram is a visual, photo-based social media platform that you can only post to by using the app on your smart device. Each user posts one photo at a time with the option to include a caption and hashtags (more on this in a moment!), and these photos make up their “gallery”. Much like Facebook, the idea as a business is to showcase what you do in the most appealing way possible, while attracting followers. [More]

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part III

by 30. December 2015 06:16
Hello Food Truckers! Welcome to series III of V of our social media for food trucks series. Today we're covering how to tag your business and others on Facebook! Note, that we'll cover Instagram in greater detail in part V. Check in at locations to let your fans know where you are in real time. Tagging your geographical location on your Facebook and Instagram posts will increase the reach of your posts, to people who may not even be looking for food trucks, but are perusing the photos geo-tagged at places such as USF, International Plaza, Tampa International, etc. This is a great way to expand your fan base, while also communicating where you are. Tag Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally!!!! By tagging us in your posts, you open up your content to our followers as well as your own, and increase your post’s reach. This will also prioritize your post in Facebook’s algorithm among fans who follow both pages (aka serious food truck fans!) Note the difference in reach between these two posts below, one in which we tagged the participating trucks in our schedule (December 11th), and another in which we did not (December 12th.)     In this example, tagging the participating food trucks increased our reach by 4 times! To tag us within your posts, begin typing Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally, and our page’s name will automatically populate at the bottom of your post. In some cases, the name of the page you are trying to tag will not populate. If this happens, you will need to publish your post (it will look like the post on December 12th, with no page names highlighted in blue) then go back in and edit and begin typing the name of our page again. See below, where I reopened the post from December 12th to edit and began typing “In” and the In the Middle page populated. Click on this page (highlighted in blue) to tag it in your post. Note you can usually only tag pages you have previously liked, and will need to type the name of the page exactly as it appears in order to tag it. For example see below, where “Mmmm Delicious” was mistyped and yet we still managed to tag their page when it populated. Be sure to double check and delete any unnecessary text that may be present in your post after tagging.    Please let us know if you have any questions, and be sure check back with us next week, where we'll cover adding events to your Facebook page in part IV!

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part II

by 24. December 2015 04:18
Hey Food Truckers! Welcome to part II of IV in our "Social Media for Food Trucks" series. This week we're focusing on tips and tricks to keep in mind when posting on social media. [More]

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part I

by 16. December 2015 12:27
Hello Food Truckers! We appreciate how tough it can be to successfully manage your business' social media presence on top of everything else, but we also know utilizing social is a key component of your truck's marketing strategy and subsequently, your business' success. To assist you, we have put together a 5 part series filled with tips, tricks and advice to ensure you are making the most of your social media accounts. Look for a new entry every Wednesday today through January 13th! Up first are some highlights and things to keep in mind when getting set up on social: Part I - Set Up Ensure the page you have set up for your truck on Facebook is in fact a business page and not a personal profile. (Facebook will often delete businesses masquerading as people because they have the ability to solicit fellow users in a way business pages do not. Keep your social media accounts professional and focused on promoting your business. Refrain from rants, politics, or anything other than promoting the positive aspects of your business and attracting more customers. Fill out the profile and about sections on your social media accounts. Your website, contact information and menu should all be up to date and easily accessible to customers.(Also please regularly update your menu with TBFTR on our site! If you need you link, please e-mail!! It is very important that these are kept current.) Publicize whether you accept cash only, or credit and debit cards! This helps customers prepare to attend an event and eat at your food truck. Share your story, and don't be afraid to display some personality within your content. Food trucks are mostly small businesses, and fans appreciate a way to connect with you – if you have some fun facts or a story to share, let everyone know who you are, what you do and why! Check back next week for our tips and tricks on posting! Have any questions? Comments? A specific topic you would like to see addressed? E-mail