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The Kitchen by Devin Davis in Plant City Florida

by 10. September 2018 06:01

The Kitchen By Devin Davis is family run food truck started by Devin Davis, a native of Plant City Florida. The Davis family serves the Plant City and Tampa Bay area with a passionate southern spirit. Devin started his food career in culinary school where he obtained his Bachelors in Culinary Management. After completing an internship Devin sought out a way to bring his food to the people of Plant City. In the beginning stages of his culinary career he sought out positions in the area but never really found a position that fit him to the T, he had to start thinking outside of the box. And what's better then owning your own portable kitchen to drive around the city? Nothing! The Kitchen by Devin Davis was born. The food truck idea was inspired by his parents introducing Devin to the food truck industry and Tampa Bay Food Trucks.  While Devin was and still is young with only a little bit of restaurant experience, he makes up for it with entrepreneur faith in his abilities. After doing their due diligence, Devin opened The Kitchen with the help of his family. 

So why "The Kitchen by Devin Davis"? When looking for a name, they started with a concept. Devin wanted to serve southern food done by his own interpretation. His food would come in a quality with a higher standard then typical street food fare. "Food Truck" was synonymous with "Kitchen" and Devin's passion for food and the basis of his career began and was cultivated in the kitchen. The Kitchen fit his concept perfectly. Devin is the master chef behind all of the food and works that come from his truck, so he included his name in the title. The Kitchen is based simply on cooking good food. Their slogan is "Good Food....Southern Roots". Whether The Kitchen is serving up fried chicken of foie gras, Devin makes it properly and delicious. Besides, good food makes people happy. 

Everyone that works on The Kitchen by Devin Davis is family. Whether it's by blood or close friendship, The Kitchen brings them all together. Some very important people on the truck include Devin Davis - the chef and mastermind himself, his Grandma (better known as Nanny) who plays an integral role in the cooking process, his sister, and parents. Devin found inspiration through his parents who own their own local small irrigation business in Plant City. They helped him begin and grow his business, and all together have helped The Kitchen succeed to what it is today.  

Wondering what's the best thing on the menu? The Kitchen by Devin Davis changes up their menu periodically to keep the menu fresh and allows The Kitchen to experiment and try new things. If there's one thing that stays on the menu - it's the fried chicken. This fried chicken isn't like any other fried chicken you've had it before. The Kitchen by Devin Davis goes through a two step process before even making it to the fryer. After getting crispy and juicy, it's served on a toasted bun with a bright red cabbage slaw and a remoulade sauce. A few of Devin's personal menu favorites include Shrimp and Grits, Bacon and Onion Jam Sliders, and Pulled Pork Tacos. The Shrimp and Grits combines tradition with unexpected flavors. Smoky tomato and chorizo cream sauce, creamy grits, and parmesan are just a few elements to the shrimp and grits served up by The Kitchen. The bacon and onion jam sliders is a juicy burger topped with a salty and sweet bacon jam, caramelized red onions, red wine, white cheddar, and a dijon mustard mayonnaise. Last but not least, the pulled pork tacos are simple but delicious by combining juicy smoked pork with a sweet and savory rub on a toasted flour tortilla with a lime, cilantro slaw and spicy chipotle sour cream. 

 Bacon and Onion Jam Sliders from The Kitchen by Devin Davis Food Truck

The Kitchen by Devin Davis sets themselves apart from the competition by simply cooking great food. The menu is constantly fresh and exciting by introducing new items and changing the menu a bit every few weeks. They strive to use the highest quality ingredients possible by shopping at local farmers markets and utilizing things such as locally made sourdough. The Kitchen also loves a great challenge by working catered and private events where they can stray from the menu and offer unique foods that you can't find on the truck on a regular basis. When we asked Devin what's one piece of advice he'd give someone trying out food trucks for the first time he replied with "Just think of food trucks as you would restaurants. Each truck is different and really tries to put out great food. We all have different concepts and types of food. Additionally, I would encourage you try lots of different trucks to see what's out there. You can easily go out to a restaurant and try something new, but many people don't realize that you can go out and have just as much fun trying out a food truck, and the food will often be just as good, if not better, and you don't have to dress up!" Some food trucks Devin is close with include Sawadee Thai Food (Devin suggests the crab rangoon), Pineapple Shack, Chief's Chill Out, and the Rolling Gourmet.  

                                  Pulled Pork Tacos from The Kitchen by Devin Davis Food Truck Shrimp and Grits from The Kitchen by Devin Davis Food Truck

At the end of the day Devin's goal is to keeping doing what he does by sharing his passion for cooking and serving his customers delicious food. Interested in booking The Kitchen by Devin Davis for your next event? Call Tampa Bay Food Trucks! Whether you're interested in reception service for a wedding or to feed employees after a company wide meeting, we do all the work from booking the truck to booking music with our mobile DJ truck! Contact us here. Interested in following Devin Davis and the crew? Follow them on Facebook, and Instagram @thekitchenbydevindavis. 

The Kitchen by Devin Davis Food Truck in Plant City FloridaThe Kitchen by Devin Davis Food Truck in Plant City Florida

Cuisine Decoder Jamaican

by 13. March 2015 09:35

With our Cuisine Decoder series hopefully we have stirred your interest into trying some different foods. In this article we bring you “Cuisine Decoder Jamaican”! Quite often, as Floridians, we take for granted the wide variety of cultures and cuisines that can be found right in our “backyard.” Whether it is Cuban, Cajun, or Jamaican, there is a plethora of flavors and dishes that have become a part of the Florida lifestyle. Jamaican cuisine, in particular, brings the Caribbean lifestyle alive through its choice of ingredients, techniques, and flavor profiles. The irony is that, to most Floridians, Jamaican cooking is representative of the Caribbean when in fact, it is representative of a mixture of cooking techniques, flavors, spices and influences from, not only the indigenous people on the island, but also the Spanish, British, Indian, African, and Chinese settlers who have come to inhabit the island throughout the island’s history.

Jamaican Cuisine 

There are several dishes that have found their way into America’s culinary mainstream – dishes such as Jamaican patties, curry goat, fried dumplings, salt fish, fried plantains, “jerk” chicken, steamed cabbage, and rice with peas.


Jerk Chicken (or other meat): A meat such as chicken, pork, beef, or various seafood such as fish or shrimp, is either dry rubbed or wet marinated with a very hot spice mixture referred to “Jamaican Jerk Spice.” The spice blend is a unique combination of all spice, scotch bonnet peppers, cloves, cinnamon, scallions, nutmeg, thyme, garlic and salt.


Jamaican Patties: Jamaican patties is pastry that has come to contain a variety of fillings and spices, all of which are baked into a flaky outer shell that is often found to have a golden yellow tint from egg yolk mixture or turmeric. It is fairly equivalent to the familiar turnover, but is savory- as it can be filled with ground beef, chicken, lamb, shrimp, lobster, fish, vegetables, and/or cheese. Frequently a Jamaican patty is served as a full meal.


Rice and Peas: The most important thing to realize about this essential Jamaican dish is that the "peas" are not garden peas as the title would indicate, but rather dried legumes that are more commonly referred to as beans in English. The “peas” are boiled with allspice and garlic until they are tender. The rice is then added with salt, pepper, scotch bonnet peppers, thyme, onion, ginger and coconut milk. The combination is left to simmer until fully cooked.


Jamaican cuisine does not shy away from bold and spicy flavors - as indicated by the common use of scotch bonnet peppers. So, if you are up for trying something new and are not afraid of a little heat, Jamaican cuisine might just be for you!

10 Ways To Have A Great and Safe Christmas

by 19. December 2014 08:49

Christmas is the time of the year when people let loose! It's time to have fun, to be with family, eat good food and drink a little more than usual. Fortunately, you can fully enjoy the holidays and have fun while staying safe. Having a good holiday doesn't need to be done carelessly or dangerously. Here are 10 ways to make sure your Christmas holiday is fun, memorable and safe.


  • If you are going out, plan for a designated driver. You should actually do this all year long, not just during the holidays, but it's a good reminder, especially for those who don't go out much.

  • If you are the host, make sure you don't drink too much. If you are hosting a party, you're the one responsible. You want to keep your mind clear to make sure nobody is going to drive drunk and that everyone stay safe.

  • It is always fun to put up the Christmas tree with the family or with friends. Make sure you buy a fresh Christmas tree. By "fresh," I mean one that isn't dry. A dry tree can be a fire hazard.

  • A fun idea, you can light candles and sing songs with your family. This is a great way to fully experience the Christmas spirit and tradition. To stay safe, make sure you keep all lighter and candles away from children.

  • Cook Christmas dinner instead of using a buffet service or packaged food. The delicious aroma of the food will fill up your house and really bring Christmas alive in your home. Children love to take part in dinner preparations so involve them as much as possible!

  • Put up lights with your family and friends. This is a really fun activity to do and gives you a good dose of fresh air. It also makes your home more festive! Be sure not use outdoor lighting indoors or indoor lighting outdoors.

  • If you live in a snowy climate, take the time to go tobogganing with friends! You will feel like children again, and that it the true spirit of Christmas. It is also another way to get some fresh air, after being cooped up inside with parties and diners. Just make sure you slide far away from the streets and highways. Stay safe!

  • If it's too cold to go tobogganing, rent a movie and watch it under warm blankets, with popcorn and a nice holiday beverage. The holidays should be a relaxing time.

  • When you unwrap your presents, do not burn wrapping paper in your fireplace. This will create a lot of smoke and can be hazardous since wrapping papers ignite very fast and burn intensely.

  • Finally, just have fun! The Christmas holiday is the best time of the year. It's a time to be jolly and happy.

Above all, when in doubt and you can figure it out, find your nearest food truck! They are sure to have delicious eats with a holiday spin for you to enjoy. Happy Holidays from Tampa Bay Food Trucks!

Unforgettable Cupcakes Food Truck For Sale

by Michael 14. September 2013 08:00

Ever consider starting a cupcake business?

You may want to consider getting a headstart with one of the top cupcake businesses around. Starting with an existing client base and already profitable business takes the guess work out of where to start. 

Price: $45,000 (SOLD)

Includes: Business, Food Truck, Facebook Page, Website and all equipment needed to run the business. 

Unforgettable Cupcakes Food Truck For Sale

20’ 1976 GMC Step Van P3500  Mileage: 161,781 Rebuilt - Many regular maintenance items recently completed.

Unforgettable Cupcakes is more than just a food truck. They currently have a storefront as well. A buyer will have some options since as of November the businesses lease will be month to month: continue the existing lease, take the business to a new location or simply run the business as a food truck without a storefront. 

Tampa Food Truck for Sale

 List of Equipment

Berkel 20 quart mixer model BX20


Imperial convection oven ICVE-1

6500 watt generator

Portable 13,000 BTU A/C unit (used to cool food truck)

3 Stainless steel tables

4 baker racks

Cash register

Display case

3 compartment sink

Grease trap

Utility sink

Front hand wash sink

Front counter cabinets


3 white tables with chairs

All necessary utensils to bake and much more (toomany to list)

Unforgettable Cupcake Shop and Food Truck For Sale


Unforgettable Cupcakes for Sale 


by 14. December 2011 18:55

Have we got a treat for you, 20+ Gourmet Food Trucks selling their delicious wares this Saturday, December 17th, from 11am to 3pm! Located at First Unity Church at 460 46th Ave North in St Petersburg, FL, this great location will have covered seating, a nice shady parking lot, and excellent parking all around the church. There will be a couple guest trucks coming to visit from Orlando, and 5 or so local trucks that have never been at one of our rallies before! See you there!