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Spotlight On: Nico's Arepas Grill

by 21. January 2016 20:05
Nico's Arepas Grill is the food truck that came about due to Adrian Castillo, one of our resident food truck operators. If you are craving arepas, call Tampa Bay Food Trucks to book Nico's Arepas Grill! [More]

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part V

by 14. January 2016 05:47
Utilizing social media for food trucks is very important. Read our latest blog to discover how you can best utilize these tools! [More]

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part IV

by 6. January 2016 06:23
Want to add an event to your Facebook page but don't know how to do that? We take you through the steps of adding events to your Facebook page. We also show you how to "invite" other pages to your event if you are creating your own. [More]

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part III

by 30. December 2015 06:16
Learn how to tag people in your posts! And how to tag locations, and tag just about anything. We're here again to help you learn how to market with social media as a food truck. We give you a step by step account on how to tag things on Facebook. [More]

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part II

by 24. December 2015 04:18
Hey Food Truckers! Welcome to part II of IV in our "Social Media for Food Trucks" series. This week we're focusing on tips and tricks to keep in mind when posting on social media. [More]

Many Thanks From Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally

by 17. December 2015 10:19
Tampa Bay Food Trucks wants to take a moment to thank everyone that has supported us! We wanted to wish all of our fans, customers, and food trucks a good holiday season and we enjoy working with all of you! Our trucks and customers are what makes Tampa Bay Food Trucks possible. [More]