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Food Truck Not At A Location?

by Michael 1. August 2016 10:22
Do you love a specific food truck and they haven't shown up to your location? Unfortunately running a food truck is harder then it looks. You may find our scheduled truck not able to show up at a location at the last minute, or a schedule change overall. This blog walks you through why and how a food truck changes its schedule. [More]

Onsite Kitchen Wedding Catering For Fresh Dishes

by 28. July 2016 06:03
One of the many perks of hiring a food truck for your wedding is the option to build a custom menu with the trucks. You are afforded the opportunity to create a totally unique experience for yourselves and your guests, rather than picking standard catering package A, B or C from a venue. [More]

Thinking About Building A Custom Food Truck?

by Michael 26. July 2016 04:37
We wrote a guide on how to find a custom food truck builder, but we were hearing to many horror stories. We have since expanded our specialties to working on food trucks as well. While there are reputable builders out in the American community, it is sometimes tough to find someone reputable. Check out Florida Food Truck Builders on Facebook for more information regarding out truck building and fabrication services. [More]

Wedding catering and expectations with food trucks - practical setup for weddings.

by 14. July 2016 09:56
Wondering what to expect from wedding catering? We can help with the catering for the rehearsal dinner, the cocktail hour, the reception, or even a late night snack! We can do only one or all of the above! We help you find a cuisine to serve, book the trucks, coordinate the trucks, and more! Did we mention our rentable goods? [More]

How To Organize A Food Truck Event

by 21. April 2016 10:46
Wondering how to organize a food truck event? We've done it all! Catering, food truck caterings, parties, and more. We do it all. Booking the trucks, organizing the event, we also offer rental services such as our mobile DJ truck, rentable chairs and tables, linens, our mobile dance floor, light tower, and more! [More]

Merica Food Truck: Now on the Road!

by 20. April 2016 08:06
Americanweiner is now Merica! This food truck comes back on the road with a new name, new look, new menu items - but still the same great American flavor! Merica serves hot dogs, burgers, patty melts, and more! Talk about a good 'mericun meal. [More]