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Cigar City Brewing A night at the Brewery with Rollin Zoinks

by Michael 17. May 2013 18:07

It had been too long since I had visited the tasting room. I had the urge to enjoy a few tasty CCB beers on Nitro and enjoy some Food Truck Cuisine. Tonight was the first time I have relaxed all week and it was worth the wait. The tasting room was packed from front to back and the crowd was all ages and walks, that is one of the cool things about craft beer, doesn't matter who you are, you can find common ground through a good beer at CCB. 

Cigar City Food Trucks


After grabbing a Patio Tools on Nitro for myself and  a Hotter Than Helles for my better half we went and hung out in the new back room. It was nice and comfortable, we then went for a second round this time with Jai Lai White Oak and Nick Streeter's Scottish 60 on Nitro, both were as expected, excellent. Once we scored the second round we headed out to see what kind of Zoinks we could get our hands on. So you may be questioning what is a Zoink? Well enough people asked Tammy Young the Owner of Rollin Zoinks that question that she just slapped the definition of the word on the side of her truck, no seriously look: 

Rollin Zoink Truck


Now that we have the definition we can get into what we decided to order, first the Scallywag sounded so good I couldn't help but order it. It has seared scallops, snow peas, mushrooms, parmesan, couscous, spinach, baby spring mix, and lemon champagne sauce. Sounds pretty amazing doesn't it? The smell alone had me salivating as I watched Tammy go through the steps of putting the masterpiece together. 

Rollin Zoinks Scallywag Zoink


Scallywag Zoink


The scallops were seared to perfection and had a very nice texture that paired well with the snow peas, and spinach which took a little harder bite to get through. The couscous added a little sweetness along with the Sriracha that Tammy added made for a sweet and slightly spicy Zoink that made me feel a little like Scooby Doo scarfing down a monster meal. 

So that brings us to our second Zoink, Steak on a Whim: Beef braised in CCB's Maduro with mushrooms, asparagus, swiss, risotto, romaine and Whim sauce. 


Steak on a Whim Beef Braised in Maduro

This was like a roast in a Zoink! The asparagus gave a nice crunch to the Zoink while the risotto added a nice twist. Second place to the braised beef was definitely the Whim Sauce though, it was a smooth brown gravy like sauce with just a little tart when it first hits your taste buds then it moves into a savory smooth flavor. 

Thanks Tammy and Rollin Zoinks, you didn't disapoint! We'll be back again for more soon. 


Interested in learning more about Zoinks and following them? You can find them on facebook at

Want to see Zoinks at a Rally this month? You can find them at: Daniels Chevrolet on the 18th or at the SOHO food truck Rally at MacDintons on the 25th. 

For a listing of all of our events check out our Food Truck Event Calendar.

Food Trucks are placed at Cigar City by Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally on: 
Friday Evenings from 4-10pm
Saturday from 11 am - 10pm (two shifts, typically two trucks)
Sunday 10-2pm  

The tasting room and brewery are located at 3924 W. Spruce St. Tampa, FL 33607
More information can be found on Cigar City at: 

Cheers! See you at the brewery or at a rally! 

Brews with Attitude Made Tuesday a Really Good Tuesday

by Michael 16. May 2013 14:00

Pepin Distributing put on their annual American Craft Beer party and let the Tampa Food Truck scene be a part of it. In past years Pepin had prepared food for attendees but decided this year they'd prefer to leave it to local food trucks. In our opinion and based on the amount of people eating from trucks, I think we all agree that was a really good idea!

Trucks in attendance were; 

Nico's Arepas - serving up their Venezuelan Arepas and Cachapas, I never knew I loved Venezuelan cuisine until I fell in love with Nico's. Plus they have a sweet looking truck, check it out: 

Nico's Food Truck


American Wiener - with their famed Capone and a Special Beer Brawt that didn't disappoint. 

The Taco Bus - We all know the menu, even if you still couldn't see straight. 

Mike's Off The Hook - Tally Who? They had all kinds of Tally sandwiches along with a specially marinated salmon with Sweetwater 420! 

Whatever Pops - They brought the serious pops including the Chocolate Sea Salt. 

Burger Culture - The Goat and the Bleu were hits but everyone raved about the special too. 

PAO! - Fans surrounded PAO and ate until it hurt, their fusion food is serious I heard about some serious spring rolls. 

Jimmy Meatballs - Always having a ball the Asian and Beach Balls (crabmeatballza) were downed by many. 

Brews n Food trucks

A few honorable mentions on the beer side of the event: 

Goose Island Sofie: You were good to me, see you again. 

Piston Head Kustom Lager: Biggest surprise in a European can. Not really available around these parts yet, but it should be coming soon. Pistonhead Kustom Lager


Here is  a pretty complete list of the brewers and the beer they had at the event:

A special thanks to Pepin, we had a blast! Looking forward to next year!

SOHO Food Truck Rally

by Michael 15. May 2013 08:10

 Check out our guest post from Lindsey Morgan on the SOHO Rally in April. 

SOHO Food Truck Rally Event
Admittedly, we all have our vices.  For some it is great wine and others it is gourmet pizza.  Me, I love reality TV, well FOOD Reality TV.  My favorite show of late was on The Food Network last fall: The Great Food Truck Race.  The premise of the show is that various food trucks from all over the country travel from city to city sharing their cuisine and competing against one another.  As with any great reality show—there are twists and turns, there are competitive advantages earned in contests, there are villain (trucks) and the underdog everyone roots for.  However, I have a confession to make.  Having watched 3 seasons of the show from 2010-2012 and enjoying the culinary creativity of the chefs and home cooks alike, I had never ACTUALLY dined on delectables offered up from any of our area food trucks.  While I sat at home in the comfort of my couch I saw a few trucks pop up locally, I just never made it a priority to track single trucks and seek out their daily locale.  It wasn’t until Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally began their monthly SoHo Food Truck Rally in February that I finally took a taste of all the Tampa Bay scene has to offer, and WOW…is there a lot to take in!

Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally is not new to the area, but as of late they are making an incredible name for themselves on both sides of the Bay.  Not only has TBFTR scored food truck goodness in the Tampa International Airport Cell Phone Waiting Lot each day at lunch, they have organized countless truck meetups everywhere from Tarpon Springs to South Tampa. 

Tampa Food Truck
One of the regular events organized by TBFTR is SoHo Food Truck Rally, held from 2-6pm on the last Saturday of each month at MacDinton’s on South Howard.  This event is a far cry from Friday Happy Hour at Macs.

April’s rally featured Mobile Munchiez, Keepin’ It Reel, 3Suns, BB’s Moving Café, Nate Paul’s Q4U, Dooners on Wheels, Rollin’ Zoinks, American Weiner, New England Lemonade and Unforgettable Cupcakes.  If the names alone don’t make  your mouth water, I can tell you—Each menu held options for the food adventurer and traditionalist alike!


Food Truck Lineup

Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally makes it easy to hang out and enjoy dishes from several different trucks at a manageable pace (and reasonable price!).  Tables and chairs are set up in the lot for patrons and MacDinton’s welcomes food truck food onto the patio!  The pace of the rally ebbed and flowed throughout the afternoon.  Strollers and families as well as 20-somethings taking a break from a day at the pool filled the lot.  Cornhole, Jumbo Jenga and the fun atmosphere created by MacDinton’s live music made the April SoHo Food Truck Rally and awesome way to spend the day!

If you are looking for an exciting way to spend part of your Saturday afternoon, an easy option for an early Saturday dinner (before a night on the town) or a quick and easy sweet treat pick-me-up, the food trucks at the SoHo Food Truck Rally are a sure bet!  Thanks so much to Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally for bringing such a fun and relaxing varied culinary atmosphere to South Tampa.  With so many different trucks to choose from and ever-changing menu options, we will certainly keep this event on our calendar!

Yuca Fries 

Lindsey Morgan is a less-than-regular blogger over at with a love for all things social media.  Opinions expressed here are that of the writer.  

What's New with Tampa Food Trucks ?

by Michael 23. February 2013 05:16

Tampa Food Trucks 

Luckily for those of us who love food trucks in Tampa, they are still extremely popular and the Food Truck Movement in Tampa is moving upward and onward. Consistent events are becoming more common, and trucks are being recognized for their culinary talents and convenience of being mobile. The first SoHo food truck rally is happening today, and we'll be putting up a recap of the event in case you miss it. We are also seeing a big uptick in inquiries about providing lunch service with food trucks. We offer a scheduling service for free to businesses with enough employees to justify having a different food truck on their property every day their staff is working. This is a great advantage for both the trucks and the businesses. Trucks don't have to worry about wearing a spot out by going there too much, and the business doesn't have to worry about scheduling, insurance, paperwork and the other things that would be a distraction from their everyday business. 

Easter Aerial 2012
(Easter 2012 with Relevant Church, Curtis Hixon Park, Downtown Tampa)
It appears the dust has settled a bit here in Tampa with Tampa Food Trucks vending normally and businesses are not as quick to fret when the food trucks are coming. I think experience is helping restaurants and businesses realize food trucks are bringing people, and people mean opportunities with people that otherwise wouldn't have been in front of their businesses. Some of the busiest days for downtown businesses fall on the day of Mayor Bob Buckhorn's Food Truck Fiesta or the Downtown Tampa Market which was recently brought back by the Downtown Partnership after having shutting down Tampa Bay Markets Friday market. The Partnership then moved the market to Sunday and decided to run the market on the new day themselves.

Become a fan of The Mayor's Food Truck Fiesta Facebook Page

Since we started the first rally on September 24th in 2011 it has grown around 1000%. Literally we have hundreds of food trucks in Tampa Bay now which has really expanded what we have been able to offer! Some of the original staples like Wicked Wiches and Fat Tortillas are still bringing us great food, and we are loving it more than ever. 
We have some talented Asian Food Trucks like Renny's Oki Doki  serving authentic Okinawian, the PAO Truck with an Asian Fusion concept, and more senior and classic 2 Asians 1 Grill making sushi and Modern Chinese Cuisine, which also does private Hibachi dinners that seem like they would be pretty awesome! This is a tough view to beat while having 1 Asian and a Grill much less 2. 

2 Asians 1 Grill Hibachi 

Some of the desert trucks you may have seen around are Unfortgettable Cupcakes, Enjoi Sweets, and Lucias Gelato all of which have some delish desserts!
Unforgettable Cupcakes actually recently opened a store front in Lutz. You should go check out the new space, now!  
Unforgettable Cupcakes Location
Other styles of food that are new to the scene include Chowder Bus that serves up, you guessed it, Chowda! A few other honorable mentions are The Cheesesteak Truck and Mike's Off the Hook have been around a few months now and have settled in nicely.
The newest truck for Tampa Food Trucks is Dooners on Wheels, it's our first German themed mobile vendor in the area, they are making their rally debut today at MacDintons on South Howard at 2pm if you want to check them out! 


The Monte Castro- A sandwich so yummy I'm thinking communism might not be so bad after all...

by Ty 2. March 2012 19:01

Viva la (Food Truck) Revoloucion! I bring you awesomeness in the form of a sandwich, compadres, take an already awesome Cuban sandwich as prepared by none other than Debbie Guy of Dochos. Take it, and batter it in funnel cake batter. Funnel cake batter with SRIRACHA in it. Fry to a golden crisp. Serve with spicy mustard. Try to contain yourself.

Available at a Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally near you!

Brandon Area... I give you... FOOD TRUCKS!!!

by 4. January 2012 18:37

Saturday, January 14th, 2012, from 11am to 3pm everybody who's anybody is going to be in Brandon (well, technically Riverview) at 11349 Bloomingdale Ave (in the field just East of the Winthrop Town Center, at Providence & Bloomingdale) enjoying the heck out of some gourmet food trucks! We'll be bringing 15-20 different vendors with a variety of food from Korean Pork Buns to BBQ to Cuban Sandwiches, new trucks, old favorites, lots of variety and deliciousness. Be there, it's so much better than being square!