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Tampa Bay Food Trucks Blog

Introducing The Cheesery

by Ty 6. June 2013 17:48
We don't have to tell you this, but to a foodie, the only thing better than a dependable favorite is something new to flirt with your taste buds. Well, what if you could have both at the same time?  Chances are that if we asked you to list some of your favorite food tru... [More]


Margaritas and Food Trucks.... Mmmmmm... Delicious

by Ty 29. May 2013 07:06
Can you think of anything better than enjoying some margaritas at a beautiful location on a gorgeous day and eating some delicious food? We couldn’t either. Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally was thrilled to take part in the first ever Tampa Bay Margarita Festival at Curtis Hi... [More]

Cigar City Brewing A night at the Brewery with Rollin Zoinks

by Michael 17. May 2013 18:07
It had been too long since I had visited the tasting room. I had the urge to enjoy a few tasty CCB beers on Nitro and enjoy some Food Truck Cuisine. Tonight was the first time I have relaxed all week and it was worth the wait. The tasting room was packed from front to back a... [More]

Brews with Attitude Made Tuesday a Really Good Tuesday

by Michael 16. May 2013 14:00
Pepin Distributing put on their annual American Craft Beer party and let the Tampa Food Truck scene be a part of it. In past years Pepin had prepared food for attendees but decided this year they'd prefer to leave it to local food trucks. In our opinion and based on the amou... [More]

SOHO Food Truck Rally

by Michael 15. May 2013 08:10
 Check out our guest post from Lindsey Morgan on the SOHO Rally in April.  Admittedly, we all have our vices.  For some it is great wine and others it is gourmet pizza.  Me, I love reality TV, well FOOD Reality TV.  My favorite show of late was on T... [More]

What's New with Tampa Food Trucks ?

by Michael 23. February 2013 05:16
This is about Tampa Food Trucks and the latest things going on with them. [More]