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Tampa Bay Food Trucks Blog

Ybor Food Truck For Sale

by Guy 26. March 2014 09:54
This Ybor based food truck served some of the best Cuban sandwiches in it's hay day - and you can continue the legacy! This food truck is up for sale. The truck includes a griddle, hood system, a double fryer, water heater, all the sinks required to be fully contained - and more! Check out this food truck for sale and our other food trucks and food trailers for sale as well. [More]

South Florida Food Truck For Sale

by Guy 17. March 2014 11:43
Looking for a food truck that is a complete mobile commercial kitchen ready to go? This food truck can sell wings, fries, burgers, or whatever you'd like! There is currently a griddle, grill, gas fryers, a generator, fridge, sandwich unit, and a few other pieces of equipment on board. Check out this food truck for sale in the Tampa Bay Area! [More]

Tampa's Milkshake and Smoothie Bus - Smoothin' and Shaken'

by Guy 27. February 2014 08:30
Do you love Milkshakes and Smoothies? Smoothin' and Shaken' is your food truck! This yellow bus food truck even does nachos, sandwiches, and soups in addition to their cold drinks! Mudslide, mango lemonade, banana man - mmmmmm. Follow this food truck around town with Tampa Bay Food Trucks! [More]

New Waffle Food Truck Hits the Scene, The Twisted Iron!

by Guy 18. February 2014 04:08
Do you love waffles enough to want to eat them for every meal? The Twisted Iron food truck is your kinda truck! This food truck was started by Lokesh and Elaine to serve waffles in a twisted way. . .and not the sinister way. Think chicken and waffles, grilled cheese waffle, etc. Make sure to watch our regular lunch spots to follow The Twisted Iron today! [More]

We Had a Ball in Ybor!

by Guy 10. February 2014 08:30
Looking for meatballs? Jimmy's knows how to roll them. Make sure to swing by HCC Ybor one of our newest regular spots for food trucks! We are also serving a few other HCC locations as well. Check out our reoccurring lunch locations and brewery/night locations as well! [More]

Florida Food Truck For Sale

by Guy 3. February 2014 12:52
Licensed food truck for sale in Tampa Florida! This food truck has financing available which is an anomaly as many of our food trucks and food trailers require the cash up front. Make sure to nab this food truck before it goes off the market! [More]