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Tampa Bay Food Trucks Blog

Food Truck Not At A Location?

by Michael 1. August 2016 10:22
Do you love a specific food truck and they haven't shown up to your location? Unfortunately running a food truck is harder then it looks. You may find our scheduled truck not able to show up at a location at the last minute, or a schedule change overall. This blog walks you through why and how a food truck changes its schedule. [More]

Thinking About Building A Custom Food Truck?

by Michael 26. July 2016 04:37
We wrote a guide on how to find a custom food truck builder, but we were hearing to many horror stories. We have since expanded our specialties to working on food trucks as well. While there are reputable builders out in the American community, it is sometimes tough to find someone reputable. Check out Florida Food Truck Builders on Facebook for more information regarding out truck building and fabrication services. [More]

1997 Grumman Olson Food Truck For Sale

by Michael 18. October 2013 09:48
Check out this food truck for sale! This food truck has a new hood and fire suppression, a Honda EU 6500, a new 40 lb fryer, flat top, freezer, fridge, drink cooler, and more! [More]

Unforgettable Cupcakes Food Truck For Sale

by Michael 14. September 2013 08:00
The Unforgettable Cupcakes food truck is for sale! Make sure to snag this food truck before someone else buys it - and make all your cupcake dreams come true! There is a Berkel 20 quart mixer, generator, convection oven, fridge, steal tables, racks, display case, and more inside this truck! Check out this cupcake truck and our other food trucks for sale here! [More]

Cigar City Brewing A night at the Brewery with Rollin Zoinks

by Michael 17. May 2013 18:07
One of Tampa's newest food trucks on the block was at Cigar City Brewing! We stopped by to check out all that Rollin Zoinks had to offer! Wondering what Zoinks means? Read on! We tried a few Zoinks on Tammy's truck ranging from a scallop Zoink to a braised pork Zoink. Check out this taste bud coma inducing food and check out when we place trucks at Cigar City Brewing! [More]

Brews with Attitude Made Tuesday a Really Good Tuesday

by Michael 16. May 2013 14:00
Brews with Attitude at Pepin Stadium! Think brews and food trucks - how does that make you feel? The event overall sounds pretty awesome to us. We brought out a handful of trucks to feed the masses and help tame the beer bellies. Check out what trucks were at this annual american craft beer party! [More]