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Tampa Bay Food Trucks

Mission Statement

The mission of Tampa Bay Food Trucks is to develop business for the best local food trucks, while delivering an amazing customer experience.

Our Team

Michael Blasco Cheif Eating Officer Michael Blasco

Great Food, I believe it should be a proper noun, is a great passion of mine. Over the last 10 years, I have gained an appreciation for the unique Tampa Bay area local cuisine, craft beer and fine wine available in town. While I love traveling to places like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and abroad, I really enjoy the Tampa food scene just as much, if not more, than the cuisines I have tasted abroad. This passion of mine is what keeps me doing what I do at Tampa Bay Food Trucks, hoping to introduce you to the best local cuisine, whether it be the best burger, BBQ or Mahi tacos, I have tried them all. Wondering how to find me in the crowd? Every now and then you will see me lurking around in the crowd and asking people if I can take photos of their food or better yet, have a bite to try something new.

To reach our Chief Eating Officer,  e-mail Michael directly at:


Sarah Friesen Sarah Friesen

Tampa Bay Food Trucks has opened my eyes to a whole new world where the creativity and variety of food that I enjoy while traveling is contained within the passionate lives of the local food truck community.  I feel it is important to support small businesses and it pairs wonderfully with my love of building community with the clever use of food! Wondering how to find me in the crowd? You will be able to find me shamelessly looking at your food as I decide what I would like to eat.  If the DJ truck is there,  I’ll be singing or humming along.

To reach our Assistant to the Cheif Eating Officer, e-mail Sarah directly at



Lauren Ellington Lauren Ellington

Lauren Ellington is an advertising and marketing professional with a career focus on operations, finance, administration and account service. Lauren has multifaceted experience handling the management of accounts for a wide variety of local and national businesses on both the agency and media sides, as well as production knowledge of print, radio, direct mail, out of home, and digital mediums. 

Lauren began her career in 2010, upon the completion of her Bachelor of Science in Advertising from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) After a scholarship-winning internship at the Tampa Bay Times in 2008, Lauren was invited to return to the paper after graduation to continue her professional education within this multimedia publishing company.

From the Times, she moved onto one of the largest advertising agencies in Florida - FKQ Advertising and Marketing, where she serviced the accounts of Tampa General Hospital, the University of South Florida, World of Beer and Badcock Home Furniture. Today, Lauren serves as the Director of Administration at Tampa Bay Food Trucks, which allows her to incorporate her love of food into her professional life, while supporting the growth of the street food scene in her hometown.

Lauren is passionate about baking, collecting cookbooks, amateur photography, reading, coffee, her puppy, holidays, learning to garden, and visiting new places.  She also enjoys hiking and yoga, and has volunteered with theJunior League's McAllen, Texas and Seattle, Washington chapters and presently volunteers with the kitchen studio at the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN).As a member of their steering and programming committees, she assists with class program development, web administration and teaches cooking classes to the community.

To reach our Director of Administration, e-mail Lauren directly at


Kim Sanders Kim Sanders

Although I was born in a small farm town in Ohio I have become a true city girl through and through. I enjoy everything Tampa has to offer, from great events and concerts to the wide variety of restaurants and breweries. Although the biggest chunk of my career has involved selling insurance, I am very excited to be on the Tampa Bay Food Trucks team and working within an industry I am so passionate about.  Wondering how to find me in the crowd? I will be the one high-fiving you because you just experienced how awesome food truck cuisine is!

To reach our Food Truck Aficionado, e-mail Kim directly at

Loren Yancey, Director of Operations Loren Yancey

I was born and raised in Tampa and have been living south of the Howard Franklin bridge on the beach for the past 7 years. I have a passion for events, food and my hometown! When friends are looking for great food, I am their go-to food guru which is why I love being the Director of Operations at Tampa Bay Food Trucks. It is truly my foodie dream job. My love for food grew out of my love for travel. I have visited over a dozen different countries where most of my budget is spent on immersing myself in that country’s cuisine and trying not to break my wallet or pants at the same time. I love trying new foods and enjoy competitive eating. I am the only woman to win the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Challenge in St. Pete. To burn off all those calories I am also the league skater known as Princess Slaya for St. Pete’s Roller Derby team, Deadly Rival Roller Derby (the only banked track in the state of Florida). Wondering how to find me in the crowd? I’m usually sitting on the steps of a food truck stuffing my face with their newest menu item and then running to the next food truck to try something else.

To reach our Director of Operations, e-mail Loren directly at

Grace Maldonado Social Media Manager Grace Maldonado

In my freshman year of college I gained 20 pounds over the course of 2 semesters from eating good Tampa food. If that doesn’t showcase my passion for food, I don't know what does. As Social Media Manager for Tampa Bay Food Trucks I’m able to channel my passions for Tampa’s wide array of eateries and social media into one outlet. I was raised in Saint Petersburg, but I always dreamed of living across the Howard Franklin where all the action was at. Fast forward to adulthood I'm living the dream in downtown Tampa and working for a company where I get to be in the middle of all the foodie action in Tampa Bay. Wondering where to find me in a crowd? I’ll be standing up on a ledge trying to get the perfect angle of the crowd for social media.

To reach our Social Media Manager and Operations Assistant , e-mail Grace directly at

Jake the Dog Jake the Dog

Jake's our resident office dog. You’ll often find him chilling on his couch in Lo’s office, or up to no good in the back shop with his Daddy. Jake doesn’t have to bring his lunch to work due to the snacks provided by his fellow colleagues and friendly mailmen. He assists the Tampa Bay Food Trucks staff with tasks by cuddling, staring, begging for food, and overall providing free therapy sessions. He enjoys long walks on the beach, and bringing toys to unsuspecting guests. 

To reach our Office Dog, please call the office to schedule a cuddle session. 

Russ Garcia Shop Technician Russ Garcia

Russ is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He doesn't enjoy salad (better known as rabbit food) but you can often find him cuddled up with a pack of Barq's brand root beer. When he's not back in the fabrication shop tinkering away he's fixing up his Volkswagen or mixing mad beats on the DJ Truck. He's better known by his DJ name - DJ Rainbow Russ. Wondering where to find him in a crowd? Russ is often in the DJ truck making sure the party's going. 

To reach Russ one of our Shop Technicians, e-mail Russ at

Noah Pittman Shop Foreman Noah Pittman

Noah Pitman serves as our Shop Foreman at Tampa Bay Food Trucks. When he's not working on trucks he's out on the water with Jake the Dog hanging out around Cocina Key. Noah loves seafood, steak, and tequila. He comes from a military background (4 of his uncles all survived D-Day) and served in the Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer. He worked in architecture for over 25 years before settling down in the Tampa Bay area to work for us. While Noah isn't a Tampa native, he moved down to the area strictly for the ocean. 

To reach Noah our Shop Foreman, e-mail Noah at