Mission Statement

The mission of Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally is to develop business for the best local food trucks, while delivering an amazing customer experience.


Our Team


 Michael Blasco

Great Food, I believe it should be a proper noun, is a great passion of mine. Over the last 10 years, I have gained an appreciation for the unique Tampa Bay area local cuisine, craft beer and fine wine available in town. While I love traveling to places like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and out west, I really enjoy the Tampa food scene just as much, if not more, than the cuisines I have tasted abroad. This passion of mine is what keeps me doing what I do at Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally, hoping to introduce you to the best local cuisine, whether it be the best burger, BBQ or Mahi tacos, I have tried them all. Wondering how to find me in the crowd? Every now and then you will see me lurking around in the crowd and asking people if I can take photos of their food or better yet, have a bite to try something new.

To reach our Chief Eating Officer,  e-mail Michael directly at: Michael@tbftr.com


 Tyrus Gordon Ty Gordon

I am a huge food truck fan, which is why I got involved with Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally in the first place. My background is in social sports and event management, with a sprinkle of culinary knowledge. My favorite time of the year is the Super Bowl and I volunteer every year at the Taste of the NFL and Taste of Derby charity fundraisers, hoping to raise money for food banks across the country. Wondering how to find me in the crowd? I am the guy reviewing a menu extensively with a big, excited smile on my face.

To reach our Chief Order Officer,  e-mail Ty directly at: Ty@tbftr.com


Alan Skyy Alan Skyy

Coming to you from Austin, Texas: home of SXSW and food truck extravaganzas, Alan fits right in at Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally (TBFTR)! His love for technology, digital marketing and photography puts him in a position to excel as TBFTR’s Digital Marketing Director. Alan has been around the world visiting more than twelve countries enjoying many different cuisines and expanding his palate. Keep an eye out for Alan at the big rallies, and be sure to ask him what his favorite meal of the day was!

To reach our Director of Digital Markeating, e-mail Alan directly at alan@tbftr.com


 Lauren Ellington Lauren Ellington

It’s not a stretch to believe my mantra, “eat well and travel often” was written about a food truck. At Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally, my goal is to blend my love of great food and cool venues with my advertising background to spread the word about where to find the area’s food trucks, and what to try. As a Tampa native, I gain satisfaction from connecting people with our city’s best culinary experiences. Wondering how to find me in the crowd? I’ll be the one indecisively trying to figure out which truck to try next, and Instagramming photos of all my food.

To reach our Director of Social Eatia and Details, e-mail Lauren directly at Lauren@tbftr.com


Kim Sanders Kim Sanders

Although I was born in a small farm town in Ohio I have become a true city girl through and through. I enjoy everything Tampa has to offer, from great events and concerts to the wide variety of restaurants and breweries. Although the biggest chunk of my career has involved selling insurance, I am very excited to be on the Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally team and working within an industry I am so passionate about.  Wondering how to find me in the crowd? I will be the one high-fiving you because you just experienced how awesome food truck cuisine is!

To reach our Food Truck Aficionado, e-mail Kim directly at kim@tbftr.com






Sara Johnson 

Sara Johnson

While eating wasn't always my first passion, I'm certainly on my way as I explore all the different cuisines and food that's available from local food trucks. 

To reach our Operations Manager, email Sara directly at sara@tbftr.com